Combine the Best Anti-theft Devices for Car and Hacks for Complete Safety

Car theft is one of the most common scenarios in India that one in ten car owners face. A little patience, some adherence to exper-suggested tips and the use of the best anti-theft devices for car can help you prevent it. Based on your location, the anti-theft devices are the best options to keep you safe from anti-theft. But with so many products available in the marketplace, it might be a challenge to select the best one.

Here are some of the best anti-theft devices and tips to keep car theft at bay.

Top Anti-Theft Car Devices for Car that Works

The anti-theft car devices come with a broad range of applications followed by features. While some anti-theft tools will disable your car, other systems will offer better technologically-advanced solutions.

Steering Lock

The steering lock is available in a vast array of designs. The steering locks function to restrict steering movement. Some advanced steering locks also come with an additional alarm feature. The alarm produces a sound as soon as thieves try to open them. Certain steering locks also work as a central lock and prevents movement of the accelerator pedal, brake or even the steering.

Tyre lock

The tyre locks are hung on the tyre to stop car movement. One has to remove the tyre lock to drive the car. The police use the tyre lock for vehicle immobilization belonging to the drivers who haven’t cleared the parking tickets. This is because the thieves wouldn’t be able to drive the car with a tyre lock in its place. Look for more such car-modified accessories in online auto stores to keep your car safe.

Bonnet Lock

This bonnet lock is designed to keep criminals from using the engine located under the bonnet. Most thieves prefer stealing valuable auto parts and batteries. The bonnet locks have similarities with bonnet pins that you might have come across on various muscle cars. What differentiates bonnet locks is that they cannot securely lock into positions and one cannot open the lock without the key. 

Electronic Immobilizers

Most modern cars come with an immobilizer present on the car key. This can stop the owner from starting the vehicle without accessing the key by prompting signals to the car’s ignition. The electronic immobilizer blocks the fuel system to disable engine functioning when the car’s ignition is switched on.

Paddle Lock

Similar to the steering wheel, the paddle lock can lock the brake and accelerator. If you can install this anti-theft device in the car, then you can prevent your car from being taken by thieves. You can use the pedal or steering wheel for better security.

Hood Lock

In several cases, the thieves cannot steal your car but rather focus on stealing either your car batteries or engine. In such scenarios, the hood locks can prove beneficial. Upon installing the hood lock in your vehicle, you can restrict the thief from opening the car’s hood.

Preventing Car Theft with Easy Tips

While technical anti-theft devices for car have come a long way in helping you prevent car theft, here are some other easy tips for better safety.

Pay Attention to Where You Park Your Car

While this might come across as an obvious reason, parking your car in a safe place can deter thieves from stealing your car. While some of us park our cars within our apartment complex, others would prevent parking them on the street. But to prevent car theft, pay attention to where you park them. Make sure the location is well lit and is visible from other homes. Avoid parking in isolated and dark places.

Install CCTV Cameras to Keep Your Car Under Strict Vigilance

Today you will find almost all the residential complexes and buildings installing CCTV cameras to access premium quality video footage to identify their motors and people. Installing a CCTV camera is always advisable if you are planning to park the vehicle inside a private compound. If you can install this extraordinary security system, then you can park your car anywhere you like and forget about it. 

Incorporate an Effective Car Alarm

The traditional car anti-theft devices for car like alarm will never cease to amaze you. The alarm solutions might come paired with headlights or equipped with loudspeakers to attract the attention of other vehicles. The car alarm will notify surrounding people and other vehicles that someone is trying to break into the car.

Modern-day vehicles come equipped with advanced car technology and anti-theft devices in car. All of these tips can help you prevent car theft easily and effectively. Apart from that, make sure never to leave any spare key near your car.

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