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How to Find Facts for Opinion-Based Research Papers

Numerous people have different opinions, even though they may agree on similar facts. People’s opinions rarely change, and they have strong arguments for sticking to their opinions. On the other hand, fact is a statement that is authentic through objective evidence. Opinion can be a feeling, belief or a valued judgment. Finding facts for an opinion-based research paper is a hard task. For such a purpose, there must be a reason that the specific author must produce. Depending on that opinion, the author may select analysis and objective information to find facts for opinion-based research papers.

Facts and Opinions

Something considered to be true or a specific happening that is proved as a true event is called a fact. On the contrary, opinion is any person’s belief, emotion or feeling about a specific incident or happening. At a higher level of understanding, it is not essentially required that someone must be able to distinguish between facts and opinions.

Opinion-Based Research Papers

The opining-based research paper is generally required as a student’s assignment in different educational institutions’ settings. Most of the student groups consider such papers as simple assignments. However, it is not an easy task to manage an opinion-based research paper, and students have to deliver their personal feeling, comments or valued judgments on a specific situation. Opinion-based research papers need complicated research work. The author of an opinion-based research paper needs to consider his opinions with the specific situation in which he has to write. The opinion-based research paper needs more learning about the events, so the author may be capable of delivering a true opinion or feeling. Meanwhile hiring a PhD dissertation writing service in this regard can be also valuable.

How To Find Facts To Write Opinion-Based Research Papers

Opinion based research papers need patience and in-depth topic analysis. Opinion based research papers are vital and popular in academic setups in colleges or universities. Such research papers support students’ fundamental skills such as cohesive writing, critical thinking and other kinds of reading comprehension. Though opinion based research papers are common; however most people do not know how to manage proper research papers. The most common issue in writing an opinion-based research paper is finding facts. Following are the points through which a researcher can find facts:

Finding Credible Resources

Credible resources are essential when finding facts to write opinion based research papers. However, the big question is what makes sources credible. Credible resources are usually from scientific journals, government papers and educational websites. There are three main types of credible resources:

Credible Websites

Research paper resources must be maintained appropriately and cross-checked with fact-finding websites to ensure the papers’ authenticity. It is a common practice that online pages can be edited nowadays. Data is not beneficial without any kind of credibility and with the lack of governmental verifications.

Credible Journal Papers

Journal articles are a second major source for opinion based research papers. It is another credible resource for obtaining facts and opinions with deep analysis on particular topics. Credible journals are easier compared to other resource gathering. The most common journal resources are Oxford Academic, Google Scholar, BioMed Central and Public Library of Science.  

Credible News

Another credible source of finding facts to write opinion based research papers is the news. It requires high precaution and more time to determine and analyze if they may consider. It is essential for current views and events and different situations around the globe. The most credible newspapers are The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and The New York Times.

The Credibility of the Resources

Resource credibility is another fact-finding solution. The following points need to be considered while checking the credibility of resources:

Mindful Persuasion

Writers need to check mindful persuasion on a selected or specific topic when there is a search for a credible source for a research paper.

Moderate Article Search

Quality papers are always preferred; however, while finding facts to write opinion based research papers, there is a need for in-depth and good Research for publication.

Author’s Background

Most of the reliable resources are documented through professional organizations and academic institutions. Generally, single-author articles with the organization’s support are advantageous; however, it is necessary to check the authenticity and credibility of the organizations.

Using Updated Information

Unless the information is needed in a particular window of time, it is necessary to avail the latest information while finding facts to write opinion-based research papers.

Scholarly Research Sites

are used to find facts to write an opinion-based research paper. You need more patience while visiting scholarly research sites. It is recommended to visit government-published sites; however, political and situational views are also considered good sources.

Need to Avoid while fact-finding Research

There is a need to avoid the following resources:

Social Media

Though there are some government organizations and top professionals also using social media websites, however, there are several credibility issues that remain on such kinds of channels. Fake news is a major issue on social media throughout the globe. Most people share incorrect information regarding past and current events.


It is catalogued as untrustworthy for research papers. Another major issue of Wikipedia is its’ edit policy, through which anybody can change or add additional information without a credit check.

Outdated Resources

Outdated resources may become obsolete when doing Research. It is an unreliable resource and may not require finding facts to write an opinion-based research paper. Outdated resources cannot fulfil the researcher’s thrust as the given facts are unreliable due to the gaps between times. It is also a fact that obsolete resources may not have the authenticity level that is essential for modern research papers.


Research papers need high-quality resources on a specific topic. Unlike other academic pieces of writing, which frequently rely on the author’s point of view, research papers need specific facts. Finding facts to write opinion-based research papers require peer-reviewed journal articles, research think tanks, governmental websites and agencies and professional research organizations. Major magazines and newspapers also deliver reliable information with their high standard rating throughout the globe.

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