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How To Get Peps Mattress on EMI From Bajaj Mall?

When buying a mattress online, people may consider different brands they can trust, but one of the greatest places to buy mattresses online is the Bajaj Mall which offers great deals on a wide range of products with easy EMI options.

If you are planning to buy a Peps mattress on EMI, then Bajaj Mall provides you with some of the most impressive features. Now that you know what you’ve been waiting for, it’s time for you to go out and buy a mattress of your own. Here are some factors you can use to determine whether it is worth buying the Peps mattress online at Bajaj mall.


The Bajaj Mall offers a 10-year warranty, which is relatively long for a mattress compared to other online mattress makers’ warranties. Although the product is constructed from genuine components and has undergone extensive testing, it offers a lengthy warranty. You may get a decent notion of the endurance of this online mattress store by looking at its quality, which will let you know if you can trust it.

Free Delivery

An online mattress shop needs to ensure its customers’ comfort. They can start by providing free delivery to their customers as their first and most essential step. Buying a mattress at the Bajaj Mall is hassle-free, and you can buy a mattress at your convenience. It will be delivered to your home in a few days with no additional charges. Their dedication to their customers is remarkable.

Huge Variety of Products

You can find a wide selection of mattresses at the Bajaj Mall, catering to different tastes and preferences. The cool gel technology in their memory foam mattress allows for a comfortable sleep. Due to its orthopaedic nature, the mattresses provide relief from joint and back pain. Furthermore, the latex mattress made with natural latex helps relieve painful pressure. 


You should always look at how long the company has been in a particular field when you decide to buy a mattress online. Peps is a brand with years of experience in the mattress industry. They are known for their quality and durability.


It is possible to buy a mattress online from an e-commerce website of a mattress protector brand, or you can purchase it from e-commerce marketplace platforms. Most importantly, it would help if you take good care of your mattress by using a mattress protector. Most of us use our beds as temporary workspaces, eat or snack while watching movies, etc. A mattress protector can help protect the Peps mattress, which you can purchase either with it or from another store. 


Mattresses usually don’t last even for the duration of your EMI. Regardless of warranty, a foam mattress purchased from Bajaj Mall has a shelf life of five years. This means that some of the foam will start to wear in the primary sleeping region, which can have a negative impact on your sleep and health. People frequently experience back pain without even realising their new mattress, which came with a 25-year warranty, might be to reason.

Online reviews are a good starting point.

Check for user reviews before investing in a new mattress. Check out the reviews section on your online store before making a purchase, as many customers take a note to share their reviews and experience of their purchase.

Select a comfort level that suits you

Don’t focus solely on price or name brand when buying a new mattress. The most important factor in your choice should be how comfortable you sleep on it. Regardless of how high quality a mattress is, it isn’t worth buying if it doesn’t make you feel rested in the morning.

Build and design 

Most mattresses are made from one of three materials – Coir, springs, or foam. Mattresses of springs are composed of one or more of four types: Bonnell, offset, pocket-spring, and continuous coils. On top of these, a comfort layer is usually attached. 

To ensure that the user is comfortable and well-cushioned when supporting their body, it should offer sufficient support. When laying or sitting on a spring mattress, unlike foam mattresses, the body does not sink into it but rather remains above it. Thus, changing your sleeping positions while asleep is much simpler.

The fibres from the outer husk of the coconut are used to make coir-based mattresses. They are very well suited to people who are allergic to synthetic ingredients due to their organic nature. These mattresses have the advantage of good ventilation that enhances their hygroscopic properties, i.e., they provide great air circulation and moisture absorption.

Bajaj Mall is the ultimate shopping platform for all kinds of online purchases. New and registered EMI Network Card users can buy the best mattress hassle-free and with easy EMIs. The EMI Network Card is a unique digital card that offers a pre-approved loan limit of up to Rs. 4 lakh and enables you to purchase your preferred product without the compulsion of clearing the total product price at once.


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