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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint by Choosing Sustainable Photo Booths & Props

With the increasing threat to our environment, it should be everyone’s topmost priority to move towards sustainable solutions Photo Booths which ultimately reduce our carbon footprint, making our planet a better place to live. 

We can embrace sustainability by making the slightest changes in our daily lives, such as using eco-friendly photo booth props, which are widely used at different events, including birthdays, graduation parties, baby showers, weddings, and more. 

Sustainable Photo Booths Props 

Eco-friendly or sustainable photo booths props are usually the ones that are printed on black and white paper. Not only do they stand out among the rest because of popping colors and amusing sayings. But also because these photo booth props do not contain unnatural additives. Or toxins such as dyes that would harm the ecosystem. 

Photo Booth Props to Avoid 

If you do not know much about eco-friendly photo booth props, then do not worry, as we have created a checklist that you can look at before buying these amusing props for your upcoming events. 

  • Photo booth props manufactured with brightly colored cardboard, glitter cardboard, or wooden material are a big no
  • Prop signs which are colored using spray paint are not recyclable, so it is not feasible to use these too
  • Furthermore, the glue attached to the typically used photo booth props with wooden sticks is not eco-friendly. To avoid that, the sustainable ones are made with biodegradable sticky tape

Ways to Reduce Carbon Footprint Using Photo booth props 

  • One of the ways through which you can save the planet from environmental hazards is by using reusable photo booth props such as hats, glasses, and other objects that can be used for other purposes as well
  • Use such photo booth props that are neatly designed and do not show signs of excessive wear and tear over time. All you need to do is sanitize the already used photo booth props. And they will be good as new to use for another event 
  • Instead of throwing away your used photo booth props and causing an increase in landfill waste, you can put these up for sale
  • Make sure that the photo booth props that you are getting for your upcoming events are not just eco-friendly but also cruelty-free. Animals form a significant part of our ecosystem. And it’s never a good option to use something which is a product of animal cruelty. Such as leather props or the ones with feathers 
  • Instead of buying brand new photo booth props, ask around and search for second-hand biodegradable ones

In Summation

Memories are made by surrounding yourself with the people you love. Using photo booth props is just a fun and exciting way to add to the fun at any gathering. 

By no means should it destroy the ecosystem of our mother earth. And we all are equally responsible for choosing the most sustainable. And environmentally friendly options when looking for these photo booth props for our hosted events.

You no longer have to waste your money on those stick props that break and bend easily. Our party-perfect hard PVC signs do not break, bend, or fade. Also, they are kid-proof and waterproof.

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