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Save Water While Gardening With These Super Cute Plants!

Due to how much colour and vitality a garden brings to a home, almost all homeowners fantasise of having one. However, some individuals find it difficult to maintain the plants due to their busy schedules, which is why having a garden is typically not a priority for many. However, there are several low-maintenance and water-intensive plants you may grow inside.

You did read that correctly. Plants that can withstand drought can withstand even the most extreme climatic conditions.

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List Of Plants That Will Help You Save Water

Plants that can withstand drought require less upkeep.

Plants not only make your gardens seem lovely and tranquil, but they also release the required oxygen. There are indoor plants that can aid with allergies and offer healthy, clean air.

The majority of us only have knowledge of cactus. That are known to save water and enduring even the most extreme desert conditions. Some places are arid and frequently experience dry periods; plants in these situations need a lot of care and upkeep to sustain their health and growth. However, there are many other plants that you may cultivate. Specially if you are not among those who believe to spend each day taking a close look at their garden.

Here’s The List

These plants will continue to thrive and bring texture, colour, and life to your garden. Even if it doesn’t rain. The sun is blazing all day and you’re concerned about a potential drought.

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Here is a carefully curated list of drought-resistant plants:

  • Lavender
  • Catmint
  • Coneflower
  • Aloe vera
  • Artemisia


Lavender is a lovely scented shrub with violet-blue leaves that is frequently cultivated in arid climates. As too much of either can damage the plant, these lovely shrubs may also be found in homes in pots with less healthy soil and moisture.

Even if the plant enjoys being in the full sun, it will benefit from some afternoon shade in the warmest weather. The pH level of the soil must be near to 7 or slightly higher for the lavender plant to grow, and it simply needs enough water to prevent drying out.

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This will brighten your home, but if you plant it in your garden in neat rows, it is a sight to behold. During the winter, keep the plant’s soil dry and maintain a dry, less humid atmosphere.


Catmint provides the essential colour for the garden and draws pollinating insects like bees.

Because cats may safely eat the plant’s leaves and are attracted to its aroma, the plant is known as catmint. In addition to providing the landscape with the essential colour and an abundance of green to revive your eyes, catmint attracts pollinating insects like bees.

The catmint plant only needs attention and watering during its early stages of development, but after it is established, it takes very little maintenance to blossom. Once the plant has grown to its maximum potential, free-draining soil is ideal for catmint development.

There are several kinds of catmints, each with unique forms and behaviours. You may choose a variety to grow in your garden by choosing those that produce blooms with white spots and those that have various coloured foliage.


Coneflowers come in a number of hues, including pink, orange, red, and yellow, and they may enhance the beauty of your yard. As long as they are sometimes watered to prevent them from drying out, these plants do not mind extreme temperatures or little water. If you do decide to cultivate these plants, be prepared for buzzing sounds and witnessing butterflies visiting your garden since they draw a lot of bees and other pollinating insects.

This plant may reach heights of two to four feet, and the diversity of colours it comes in may leave you unsure of which to choose. The plant enjoys six to eight hours of direct sunshine, but if it is too bright, some afternoon shadow can help prevent blossom fading.

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Aloe Vera

Due to the makeup of aloe vera, it is frequently utilised for therapeutic purposes. Due to its advantages and applications in home cures, it is rather simple to grow in homes. All you have to do is maintain a drought-like environment while exposing it to direct sunshine for six to eight hours each day.

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Aloe vera can withstand drought, thus you must avoid letting it submerge in water since it cannot stand still water. If you keep it in a pot, make sure there are lots of drainage holes before using it. Most gardeners would wait until the dirt in the container is fully dry before watering it, but if you can’t wait, you may lightly water it now.


Artemisia shrubs will only increase the amount of foliage in your landscape.

The artemisia differs from other drought-tolerant plants in that it does not produce colourful blossoms. These are shrubs that, up to a point, can support themselves by adding extra foliage to your yard. There are around 300 different species of artemisia plants, and they range in height from one to five feet.

The plant needs complete sunshine exposure, however certain species may also tolerate a little bit of shadow.

The soil must not be moist for these to develop correctly; otherwise, the plant’s health will diminish. These only need water during their growth phase; after a few months, they will take care of themselves and endure drought-like circumstances.

A Note From Us!

So, if you want to save water but are short on time, think about planting any of these drought-tolerant plants.

Please read our instructions on how to care for your plants in the winter if you enjoy gardening. We also offer useful articles how to save water efficiently, and pet-safe non-toxic houseplants.

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