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Why Is React Native App Development So Cost-Effective For Startups?

Mobile apps have become essential for business owners these days, thanks to the rapidly-increasing use of smartphones in the past decade.

As an entrepreneur, you may be trying to decide which mobile app framework to use for your project to reach most smartphone users.

React Native would be an excellent choice in this regard, as it’s one of the most widely used frameworks worldwide. One of the main reasons why it’s popular is its cross-platform compatibility. 

The fact that it’s open-source also has a lot to do with its popularity – something you are bound to notice when you start looking for React Native app development services. But there are many more advantages to this framework.

This blog explains all the elements within React Native that make it an excellent, affordable option for startups.

Top Reasons Why Startups Prefer React Native App Development

Let’s look at all the characteristics of this framework that make React Native application development services so beneficial for startups.

Single Codebase

React Native apps run on both iOS and Android using a single codebase. It means developers need to write the code only once for one of the platforms, making minor changes to run it on the other platform. This enables them to save considerable time and effort in coding.

Startups can, therefore, choose React Native as they will only have to invest once due to its code reusability.

Reusable Components

The ability to reuse the application code simplifies development as the same component can be used in several places. It is a significant advantage as it speeds up development to a great extent.

Hot Reloading

This React Native-exclusive feature enables developers to modify code even when the app is running. In short, it is another feature that substantially boosts the development process in terms of speed and performance. It is a brilliant advantage you will gain when you hire React Native app developers.

Cost-effective Maintenance

A native app requires separate updates for each mobile device. Users can access cross-platform apps without having to worry about versioning since they can be available to them regardless of platform.

When you use React Native, you only deal with one code; therefore, you only have to fix bugs related to that code. This reduces the overall time and cost of app development while simplifying maintenance.

Third-party Integration

Integrating additional features into your app is easier and more efficient as the framework supports a vast range of plugins. They only require a link to the native module for an app with streamlined operations that offers plenty of useful features.

Established Community

This framework has a tremendous amount of support from developers around the world. It comes as no surprise, since it is one of Facebook’s earliest and biggest open source projects.

React Native developers will seldom remain stuck with an issue for too long. They are extremely likely to find answers to their questions in online forums. In other words, 


Finding a React Native developer team is incredibly easy because of the abundance of skilled professionals available. After all, React Native is a JavaScript framework, and a majority of development agencies have JavaScript experts on their teams. It also means you can hire developers quickly and are likely to get the services you need at competitive rates. This is especially helpful when starting out with a limited budget.

Final Thoughts

These are the most significant reasons React Native app development proves to be one of the best, most cost-effective options for startups. It is excellent for startups in search of the fastest and most cost-effective development framework to reach maximum users.

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